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Albir,Alfas del Pi (means "sown land").This was given to the town by the Moors originally growing fruits, olives, vines and almonds providing the main source of labour and income in the area along with mining in the Sierra Helada.
Alfas(Albir) wanted it's own independence from Polop from around 1786 but it was not declared a municipality of its own until 1836.
Surrounding Albir is the Sierra Helada (meaning Frozen Mountain), which is a protected nature reserve. Albir beach is a pebble beach with clear water and has been awarded the blue flag of the European Community for the quality of its water.
Great credit  goes to the local council for keeping Albir a bright,clean and fantastic place to live or visit.
Larger than average numbers of the insects have been recorded in towns and cities along the Costa Blanca, thought to be due to the milder overnight temperatures for the time of year.Mosquito bites have risen and caused many people to seek medical aid because the bites have become infected.Lets take a closer look at the pesky mosquito,Click Here.
The British school in alfas now has it's own website.If you are thinking of moving to this area and have children checkout Sierra Bernia School .The schools Mission Statement: Educating for life in a friendly, safe and familiar environment.
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Mosquito (from the Spanish meaning little fly, is a common insect in the family Culicidae (from the Latin culex meaning midge or gnat.


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British school

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